Sunday, October 2, 2011


So um... I stopped playing WoW.  And promptly forgot about this little blog.  And then I didn't notice it was the blog on my twitter.  So I guess I ought to use it.  I mean it's here, right?

Lessee.... When you take the massive time sink that is World of Warcraft out of the picture, my life quickly turns into a few simple pastimes: planting plants on my balcony, cooking tasty food, running a D&D 4E game, writing, drawing, playing other, non-wow videogames, and generally being awesome.  Oh yeah, and I have a cat. 

This week, I played a whole lot of Minecraft.  For the uninformed, Minecraft is kind of like virtual legos you can build things with, as long as you don't mind everything you make being either extremely blocky, or so huge the blockiness doesn't matter too much.  So in essence, it's just like real legos.  However there is one major advantage to virtual legos:  you can't step on one in the middle of the night and cut your foot open while stumbling around half-blind and all you want to do is go to the bathroom oh god why does it hurt so bad?!  Ahem-- I mean, there's no real mess. 

Which isn't to say there's no mess at all, oh no my friend it is very very messy.  Minecraft, for whatever reason, was written in Java, which as a program platform makes my computer bite the pillow and pretend it's in another place while its RAM gets taken away.  I really do wish the whole thing was nicer and less horrible to my system resources, because it's a really fun game and I'd like to be able to run it for more than ten minutes at a time without my computer crying at me.  Well, I guess we can't always get what we want.

Anyway, I picked the last of my tomatoes today, I got a grand total of about 7 edible ones, the rest were either a little overripe and had split or died on the vine somehow.  But man, tomatoes I grow myself are several orders of magnitude greater than the ones I can buy at the store.  So, lesson learned.  Next spring I will be getting even more ambitious with my balcony garden.  I'm gonna try to grow tomatoes, peas and maybe even some carrots. 

Next week my mom bought me a plane ticket to go visit home, too, for thanksgiving.  I'm excited, I miss my family a lot and I miss my friends a lot too.  I've lost a lot of weight since I last saw them all as well, so.... I'm looking forward to their reactions.

I hear bear tanking is still there.  I'm sorry I don't have much to say about it anymore.